Our Office Relocation Services

BOSS handles all your Furniture, Computer & IT Equipment, Personal Effects and Document moves.

BOSS personnel are security cleared, OSHA compliant and fully skilled to:

  • dismantle and install all makes & models of furniture, office screens, Filing Units, Bulk Filers, Safes, etc
  • safely & securely relocate boxed personal effects and documentation
  • effect sequential packing and unpacking of files
  • install your furniture exactly according to Office Plans & furniture layouts
  • allocate manpower according to your time schedules
  • repurpose, clean and repair Desks, Chairs and Screens
  • Our own fleet of vehicles
  • Proprietary triple-sided, seam free based, boxes (which do not collapse or burst)
  • Fully trained staff (no street casuals) on all relocations
  • Staff dressed in branded safety gear who carry personal identification tags at all times
  • Our Proprietary Safety Manual through our safety officer on each site

BOSS utilises:

BOSS not only will match all existing guarantees or warrantees that you may have for your existing furniture, we also issue you with 2-year WARRANTY for fair wear and tear in standard office environments providing that all furniture in your offices is only serviced and moved in the future by BOSS Office Projects PTY Ltd. This must be backed with a matching ‘as-built’ signed off, floor plan at the time of our initial installation.

Our benchmark is On Time, No Down-Time, Fully Itemised and Documented, Precision Relocations & Churns.