Our Relocation Coordination Services

Project and Feasibility Studies

Compliance with all relative regulations and records management (POPI)

Estimations of each project phase

Furniture & Equipment repurposing

Project Coordination through scheduled meetings driven by BOSS

The controlled monitoring of all phases of your project with regular updates to all designated stakeholders.

A detailed schedule of all moves backed by proven methodology & Control-forms plus information directives for all management & staff

This includes a comprehensive ‘Move Manual’ and House Rules

Scheduled constructive workshops with all stakeholders, feedback sessions.

(This does not include any Change Management Psychological talks if required), Project updates & regular electronic bulletins.

Site Tours including Risk & Safety orientation in your new building.

Unbiased RFQ or Tender documentation, adjudication processing and

Quality control through relative SLA’s

Optional asset register for the management & tracking of all critical Records, IT Equipment and Office Furniture & general office equipment.

Our broad pallet of tested and proven services & disciplines ensures successful sign off.