Our Warehouse Relocation Services

BOSS has all the expertise and specialised equipment and rigging to handle your warehouse relocation.

For your warehouse move, consider the following:

  • Get a realistic estimate of the amount of time required to move inventory and any equipment to be reused from the current warehouse
  • Perform a time study to understand how long it takes to identify, count, tag and palletize products - this is usually underestimated by companies.
  • Small issues such as purchase order information for product that is on the way to your warehouse during the move, changing the address for returns or trucking pickups, mailing address changes, etc.
  • Aged or dead inventory should not be moved if at all possible - allocate time and focus on culling before the move.
  • Do you want to try take an inventory count while you move? Although this may sound like a good idea, since you will be handling the entire inventory, think twice before you try to take inventory on-the-fly - it will take a lot longer than you think and will slow down the move.
  • Help you draw up achievable timelines​​
  • Ensure that small issues don't fall through the cracks and cause major time-consuming issues
  • Put our team of specialist warehouse movers on the job, leaving your staff to focus on their full time jobs - now you just need to allocate management time to oversee the move on both ends.
  • Define the detailed steps to be performed in a master plan, assign accountability to those involved, and establish realistic timelines to complete the steps to make sure the move is completed as planned.

BOSS can:

If you are considering a new warehouse location or need help in developing your own warehouse move plan, give us a call!

Our benchmark is On Time, No Down-Time, Fully Itemised and Documented, Precision Relocations & Churns.